• OGMO is expanding its portfolio to baby meals and introducing OGMO Jr. using some of our indigenous grains.
  • Research shows that introducing healthy foods helps develop positive relationship with food, create a willingness to try new things and cultivate good eating habits for life.
  • We are taking this as an opportunity to introducing an early love of healthy and whole foods to children.
  • OGMO Jr. assist you in maximizing your baby’s health and develop their taste buds while making weaning an easy experience for you.
  • Yes, we are bringing convenience to you without compromising on your baby’s health.
  • Say NO to spending more hours making food for your baby and say YES to spending hours playing with them.

LIRA - Little Millet & Raw Banana

Ingredients - Little millet, raw banana, chickpea (Bengal gram/chana dal)

Quantity - 200g Box

MRP - ₹ 230

FOXE - Foxtail Millet & Raw Banana

Ingredients - Foxtail millet, Bengal gram (chana dal), pumpkin seeds.

Quantity - 200g Box

MRP - ₹ 230

BACH - Banana & Chia Seeds

Ingredients - Banana powder, chia seeds, barnyard millet flakes.

Quantity - 200g Box

MRP - ₹ 230

BERA - Beetroot & Raw Banana

Ingredients - Beetroot powder, raw banana, pumpkin seeds, little millet, chickpea (chana dal), cardamom.

Quantity - 200g Box

MRP - ₹ 230

Benefits of Minor Millet in Childern

Millet based mid-day meals can boost a child’s growth by 50 per cent in three months, according to a study of 1,500 children in Karnataka which was released by Niti Ayog. (link to the article in the end)

CRISAT scientists who have been part of the research say that improvement in the children was noted in terms of weight and also length. An increase in height was noted in a few subjects as the nutritional intake by the body improved.

In a first ever scientific study of its kind in schools, millet based midday meals were found to significantly boost child growth in terms of body mass index (BMI), nutrition and also can be a better rice substitute in India. Findings of the study published in the journal Nutrients were released on Wednesday by NITI Aayog member Ramesh Chand, and CEO of the National Rainfed Area Authority, Ashok Dalwai.

Benefits of Millets

  • These gluten-free grains are packed with minerals and many vitamins.
  • The alkaline nature of minor millet makes it easy to digest and is a perfect food to suit the soft digestive system of children.
  • These are high in protein and are helpful for muscle growth and development.
  • he smart carbohydrates with fibre can help prevent the risk of obesity in young children.
  • Presence of magnesium can help the formation of bones and teeth.
  • Celiac disease or gluten insensitivity among children can be prevented with minor millet based foods.


Consult your paediatrician before starting to feed Minor millet based food to your babies.

Start millet based meals for your babies after they are 6 months old.

Some excerpts from ICRISAT research on millet food for children.

Findings from a recently published three-month feeding study with 1,500 children in Karnataka suggest that millet-based mid-day meals can increase relative growth by 50%. Children rated the meals, which were designed by scientists and chefs and included little millet

a rice substitute, over 4.5 on 5 for taste. The findings of the study were released jointly by Prof Ramesh Chand, Member, NITI Aayog, and Dr Ashok Dalwai, Chair, Empowered Body, Doubling Farmers’ Income, Government of India, in New Delhi on Wednesday.

he researchers found that children feed millets had a 1.5% increase in height on average in three months while children in the control group registered a 1% increase in height during the same period. In effect, the study group children grew 50% taller than the height increase

control group children. Similarly, the study group children registered a 5% increase in weight on average, while 3% average weight increase was registered in the control group during the study period. Thus, the weight increase of the study group children was over 50% higher than that of the control group.

ICRISAT holds the world’s largest collections of millet genetic material and works closely with Indian Institute of Millets Research and other partners to improve millets by developing varieties having higher nutrient levels as well as the more conventional traits like yield and resilience,” commented Dr Peter Carberry, Director General, ICRISAT